What a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive.
We think there’s no way to get hurt.
If one knows when to hit the dirt,
then it’s just a game, it will be all right.
Or so I thought…

But tonight,
when I can’t close my tired eye next to her naked beauty,
I wonder if it is my last compulsory manly duty
to tell her the truth.
Who really is this worthless youth
that took away what made her special to feed his greed?
I’m but a cheat.

The window flies open behind the curtain,
and there is just one way to make certain
that I will never cause pain again.
I glance at the girl I love, and then
I jump.

The rush of air is getting wilder,
tearing the web of lies into pieces.
I hit the ground—the voracious spider.
My heartless beat forever ceases.