Peculiar Works

The blog you’re looking at is a farrago of works by Martin Furman, comprised of his literary, musical, and culinary creations, as well as photography, science, and generally anything that crosses the author’s path. It’s an ad-hoc matter: There’s no guarantee what the next published item will be, when it will be published, or indeed if it will be published at all. Once it is published however, a great effort is made to keep the posts friendly and suitable for everyone. We hope you will enjoy your time spent with Peculiar Works, and if you do, make sure you let us know in the comments.

Martin Furman

Once a student of computer science in Edinburgh, Scotland, Martin now works in film post-production in Vancouver, BC. In his spare time, he likes to occupy his mind and body with a jumble of seemingly unrelated ideas and activities, ranging from piano practice to cooking disasters, from visiting the most secluded alcoves of the world to reading the wildest assortment of literary genres, from any this to any that. And of course, he writes and maintains the content of this site.

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